Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Rock Stars Go Hollywood for ROADIE

Aside from the press kit (and lobby cards) available at the Blondie site Rip Her to Shreds, there's not a helluva lot of info available online for the grossly overlooked, insipidly goofy classic ROADIE. With actors like Art Carney and Kaki Hunter (PORKY'S), music legends like Meat Loaf, Alice Cooper (the film was loosely based on his song "Road Rats"), Blondie/Debbie Harry, Hank Williams Jr, Roy Orbison, Asleep at the Wheel, Don Cornelius, etc, you'd think the film would've recieved more fanfare.

The October 1980 issue of Hit Parader had a three page spread about the film (that focused more attention on Alice Cooper's increasingly strange alcoholic behavior at the time than the movie itself), but as you can see, it's not even mentioned on the cover...

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